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Nilex High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembranes


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liners are used in a wide range of containment applications. Available in smooth, textured, white, conductive and high temperature variations, this material provides excellent durability and chemical resistance properties and is reliable in exposed applications, offering great ultraviolet protection and ageing resistance from the intense stresses of weather.
HDPE geomembranes are available in a variety of surface finishes including textured, smooth and conductive. Textured finishes provide higher friction angles to prevent slippage of adjacent materials when lining steep slopes while smooth geomembranes are the preferred products for lining projects requiring low permeability. Due to the relative stiffness of HDPE, field seaming by Nilex's trained geomembrane installers is generally required.

Available in white. Why's that important?

Nilex also offers a white reflective HDPE geomembrane liner which reflects light, improves damage detection, reduces wrinkles and subgrade desiccation. The white HDPE is used in applications that require enhanced quality assurance measures over standard geomembranes.

Conductive Geomembranes

Conductive geomembrane liners are smooth spark-testable HDPE geomembranes that contain an integrated, specially formulated conductive layer on the bottom surface of the geomembrane. Conductive geomembrane liners can be easily tested for post-installation damage using equipment capable of performing spark testing in the field.

High Temperature HDPE Geomembranes

High Temperature Geomembranes are a specially engineered HDPE geomembranes that are able to retain their mechanical and physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 212oF. This innovative formulation provides enhanced mechanical performance and improved chemical stability at elevated temperatures in addition to the traditional properties of polyethylene geomembranes.
You should also take a look at our Hot Liquid Rated (HLR Series) of high temperature geomembrane liners - specifically developed for applications where the geomembrane liners will be in contact with hot fluids or exposed to hot environments.

HDPE geomembranes are used in many different lining applications, including:

  • Landfills
  • Concrete tank liners
  • Pond liners
  • Mining
  • Power plants
Our services range from assistance in material selection to full geomembrane installation services, project management and quality assurance.

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